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Our team is ...


All of our team members come from the sea and from the world of sports. Noah Sailing selects a dynamic team for you, ready to assist your every passion; planning with you to make a holiday dedicated to adventure or to total relaxation.

The quality of the team and the quality of the product is our essential feature and focus: all our boats are the first choice, new and constantly checked by our technicians. Attention to detail in on-board equipment and the accuracy of maintenance checks make our boats controlled and safe.

Our GPS quality and tracking system allows us to monitor the status of each unit and guarantee the comfort and assistance you need.

Noah Sailing has focused on "customer care". We are ready to assist you in your requests from the first online contact to accompanying you during your stay on board.

Every day there will be a guaranteed telephone and dock service available in case of special needs or emergencies, and a team ready to receive you.

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